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Arabic language Support

Current Version: 5



This software lies in the internationalization field, this is mainly written to enable the people who don't have Arabic enabled windows to write Arabic. A couple of years ago when I started this software, I made it for German PCs and it was mainly for windows 98. This version corrects previous problems.

The Arabic keyboard support v5  is for windows XP and windows 98 but needs  internet explorer 5.5 or more to function properly..


- Enable/Disable the Arabic keyboard using Control + Shift

- Is not affected if you have other non Arabic keyboard on the computer installed.

- Doesn't install system files

- Arabic Unicode enabled, used for chat and search

- Arabic WordPad, to write Arabic Unicode Documents

- Save/open Arabic Unicode files.

- Save As Arabic HTML files

- Virtual Keyboard to show the Arabic keyboard, and when you click on shift, it shows the keys with shift (Arabic Tashkil - Punctuation)


- Internet Explorer 5.5 or more

Arabic Keyboard Description

After along wait, the new version of the Arabic Keyboard Support Software comes out. It keeps in tray, waiting to be enabled. Choose software download to test this product.

Click Ctrl+Shift, the Arabic enabled starts as shown in the figure 2.


Arabic is enabled when the user clicks Ctrl+Shift and is disabled when he clicks again.

The Arabic keyboard software captures keys and write the corresponding Arabic alphabet in his small window.

When the user writes the required Arabic text, in the full version it is possible to copy text by Clicking Ctrl+Z.

The  Virtual Keyboard in Arabic keyboard support shows the location of the Arabic Letters, and  punctuation (Tashkil) with shift key.

Switching to English From Arabic, click on Alt+Shift

New: Arabic WordPad

Similar to the elementary WordPad in windows XP but with Arabic fonts and no need for other software. It has basic features, creating files, saving and opening. In Figure 3 the Arabic WordPad is shown. Our Arabic keyboard language support enable you to write Arabic.

Arabic WordPad, which enable basic features of the normal WordPad.

It can convert  the Arabic written Text into html, for browsers. With Arabic language support it is easier. Please choose software download for testing.

Through options menu, select the required font and the size. Next versions will support more features as shown in Figure 4. Choose software download to download and test.

Arabic WordPad options menu.

Supports Microsoft WinWord or other Applications for example. This program is made for Arabic language support.

Support and Feedback:

The Arabic keyboard language support software has a Registration form as shown in figure 5 to register it and email or feedback me. I am interested in your feedbacks.

Feedback and registration windows./A>

I made it cheap for all use. Please support.

Arabic Language support is my favorite program and I appreciate your support.

Please Buy the software in order to enable me to develop other software for our community.

Microsoft Office 2000 or XP

Click on the Start button.

Move the pointer over Microsoft Office Tools in Programs and click on Microsoft Office Language Settings.

Write in the Arabic WordPad, click select all and the move to WinWord and right click and choose paste.

Click OK.