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Can i order a hardcover version of the software?

Yes, it is possible but it is important to mention that the software is the same available for download online. The hardcover costs 15$ more for printing and posting.

I have a problem in Online activation, or I don't have internet?

No Problem, please fill the online activation form with your email and activation key, press the activate button and you will get a new file in the program folder with type log. Send us this file and after analyzing it we can send you an offline license file for your pc.

Am i liable for a free License?

We don't give a free license, unless 1 License and on a bartle condition, if you can translate us your program to your mother tongue language that was not previously translated and when the translation gets approved.

What is VAT, can i avoid it?

VAT is a tax paid by each buyer to his country back. Mostly it is a percent from your buying price. It differes depending on your country and some times it reach 27%. you cannot avoid paying the VAT if you order using the Credit Card. But if you order using PAYPAL it is possible but on the other hand processing will be manually and take more time.

Can I order more than one License?

Yes, we have a group license by which you can have one key for multi PCs and at the same time, you would get a discount. There is also an open License used for University campuses with a university discount.


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