Start News Translate typing tutor to your langauge !
Translate typing tutor to your langauge !
In november 2009, we produced an international version of our typing tutor series. It started with version 4.4. The typing tutor program has now a button to be translated to other languages. Users contributions to translate the graphical user interface is welcomed, and will be granted a free license.

Translate buttonClick on the translation button to translate different components of the program. Once finished, it will be uploaded with your name and email address to be verified. Upon verification, it will be available for other users online.

We encourage clients to translate the user interface and to cooperate with us for the community. If you would like to produce a localized version of the typing tutor in your own language.

please write down the letters to be trained, the training text and we can produce it for you. This needs some time, patient but fruitfull.

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