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telecommunication scheme showing our products as blue framed boxes

This figure shows a telecommunication scheme and illustrates our products shown in the blue frames.


1. PCfone ATA devices

These are devices that has 2 ports; the first port is connected to a normal telephone set and the second port is connected to the internet. It allows converting a normal telephone into an internet telephone at a cheap price. The telephone will be automatically registered on to our server (shown in orange). The outcome supports calling other ATA devices connected to our server for Free. It supports also calling public switching telephone networks at reduced prices.

2. PCfone gateways

Our gateways are special routers with customized software that has 2 internal ATA devices that support connecting normal telephone sets to function as internet telephones. The gateway has an internal 4 port hub with WLAN connection; through one port an internet connection can be connected. Additionally, it has one local landline telephone port that can be connected to local public switching telephone networks (PSTN). The gateway can route calls as follows :-

  1. from landlines to other internet telephones connected to our server for free
  2. from landlines to telephones (landline/mobile phones) in other countries at reduced prices
  3. from internet telephones connected to it to other internet telephone users connected to our server for free
  4. from internet telephones connected to it to landlines/mobile telephones in other countries at reduced prices.

3. PCfone Servers

The telephony server runs a customized Linux operating system to route calls from ATA, gateways and local telephone networks. It is scalable and can enable extending number of external lines  and number of internal lines. Supports Fax delivery as well.


The following table compares between our gateways and ATA devices.


Function PCfone ATA devices PCfone gateways Remarks
Internet telephone to internet telephone calls Yes Yes Calls are free
Internet telephone to switching telephones (PSTN) Yes Yes Calls are at reduced prices
Landlines to internet telephones No Yes Calls are free
Landlines to switching telephones (PSTN) No Yes Calls are at reduced prices
Call security No Yes
Function behind a NAT server No Yes
Remote assistance No Yes1
Virtual private networks No Yes2
Hub ports 1 3 +1 Our gateways can function as routers and gain an extra 1 hub port
Supports wireless networks (WLAN) No Yes


All devices are still in the end production phase. Please contact us for details.



1 : First time remote assistance is free.

2: VPNs and call security are offered for a reduced monthly fees